Give to Arts Horizons because the arts give back. image

Give to Arts Horizons because the arts give back.

Thank you for your generosity! Your donation helps a child grow & experience the joy and power of the arts.

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Picture this – 200,000 kids dancing, creating, and broadening their horizons because of your support.

We are celebrating 45 years of bringing music, dance, theater, and visual arts to people of all ages. Our professional artists go into schools in underserved communities. They teach workshops, perform assemblies, and lead afterschool programs in safe spaces.

The benefits our youth derive from arts education extend far beyond creating future artists. The arts help them communicate with the world, so they’re more likely to find their place in it. For 45 years, Arts Horizons’ award-winning programs have played a major role in helping our youth find a sense of belonging.

Your generous support can make that journey a little easier. Your contribution will enable professional teaching artists to uplift communities through the arts and reach the next generation of creators and leaders for social change.

And for that, more than 200,000 kids say ‘Thank you!’

Children need the arts more than ever. Youth in America are living through unprecedented times. As school budgets face cuts, arts experiences are a necessity to develop confidence, wellbeing, and a sense of belonging.